Sequential conveyance (Land Surveying)

by Loren, Sunday, July 28, 2013, 08:38 (675 days ago)

I'm not a surveyor but I do have a question I am hoping for some expert advice.

My property/home part of an original subdivision(new York) recorded 1954. There are about 15 houses built from 1954 to 1980 + or-
My home was built in 1969.
The remaining land from the original subdivision maybe 20 acres was sold in 1984 as just a parcel of land- never developed.

It was sold again as a parcel of land to a developer 1993. The developer did a lot line adjustment ( added the bottom portion about 1/3 of acre) to 6 riverside lots. The side boundary lines were not adjusted at that time.

My property is the adjoining land to the newly created subdivision. When the property ,first in new subdivision, was sold and house built (2001) the same surveyor who did the subdivision map for developer (1993) now says there is a boundary line overlap between us.

If have a couple of questions

First did adding the additional property to the bottoms of the remaining lots in any way change the silmultanious conveyance (no sr. Jr rights?)
And also should the overlap have been noted by surveyor in 1993 when the new subdivision was created?

My appreciation to any thoughts

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