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by Tyler Parsons ⌂ @, Corvallis, Oregon, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 13:38 (917 days ago)

GNSS Solutions has two antenna model files, antenna.ini and antenna_abs.ini, which appear to correspond to the NGS old and new absolute models. Within the program, antenna.ini seems to be the default, but I can't find any way to utilize the absolute models other than perhaps renaming the files (antenna.ini to antenna_rel.ini and then copy antenna_abs.ini to antenna.ini). Anyone know or have a solution?

The NGS is now publishing control in NAD 83(2011) rather than NAD 83(cors). What do I need to do with the spacial reference system (if anything) as it does not seem to be one of the predefined systems?



Contact Mark Silver for GEOID 12

by Paul in PA @, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 19:03 (917 days ago) @ Tyler Parsons

Look here: http://www.ashgps.com/ms/G2012A/Install_GEOID12A_RevC.exe

GEOID 12A for GNSS Solutions

I have compiled the GEOID12A model for GNSS Solutions:

[ G2012 ]

This is a digitally signed, self installing tool that should figure out where the correct place to put GEOIDS is and stick G12A there.

This is not an official Spectra Precision / Ashtech product, I personally produced it.


Mark Silver KD7NKY

Igage Mapping Corporation

1545 S 1100 E STE 1, Salt Lake City UT 84105

+1 801-412-0011 x16; cell +1 801 930-0377; skype: ms.igage.com

ms@igage.com www.igage.com;

Be sure to register for Ashtech software and firmware updates at http://www.ashgps.com

He should also be able to answer your antenna question. I have not yet addressed it myself.

Paul in PA


Contact Mark Silver for GEOID 12

by Tyler Parsons ⌂ @, Corvallis, Oregon, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 20:12 (917 days ago) @ Paul in PA

Thanks Paul. I've already installed Geoid12a (not sure about rev C) and updated to GNSS Solutions 3.80.4 thinking it would have something about antennas, etc. If it's there, I can't find it.

I'll contact Mark Silver. I believe I'm already on his notification list. A ham even! Exxxcellent!


Tyler ?

by Paul in PA @, Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 15:28 (916 days ago) @ Tyler Parsons

I recently installed Version 3.80.8, but have not done a new project from scratch yet. I brought over the old projects and can confirm it is using the antenna.ini file not the antenna_abs.ini file. The only way I could confirm that was to add an oddball antenna to that one file. I just tried a new file from scratch and no option to change the antenna file on start up and have not found it anywhere else in the choices.

I have also found that there is an sv_antenna_abs.ini file. I opened it and "sv" stands for space vehicle? However since there are only 32 in the list it is using the PRN number not the SV Space Vehicle number, varying types as IIA, IIR-A?,IIR-B?, (Coast Guard says we have IIR satellites, so I have no idea the difference betewwen the A & B model), IIR-M but no IIF.

My guess it is in there but not ready to be used yet.

Paul in PA

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