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We understand your market and the products and/or services you are offering. Let us help you generate more traffic and thus increase sales by placing your ad which will appear throughout the entire SurveyorConnect website, including our very popular Community discussion forums.

We have a very simple advertising model that consists of three traditional ad space formats. We also offer another innovative land surveying advertising option to improve your marketing reach to Land Surveyors by engaging with them directly in our Community Forums.

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Annual traffic trends since launch
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30-day period, last updated on April 1, 2023

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Online Advertising Options

Web Banners

Powered by Harness Media DAP Technology™

Stop spending thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising in obsolete printed magazines! In this day and age, smart money is trending toward digital advertising due to lower cost, targeting and high ROI. We use Dynamic Ad Placement technology to increase user engagement, by evenly distributing your ads throughout the entire SurveyorConnect website.

Leaderboard 728 x 90

Leaderboard ads feature dynamic placement, which means they will be shown in different places throughout the website to increase customer engagement. All pages have at least two Leaderboard zones; in forum threads, they also appear after every 3rd post or reply. Ad statistics are included and available 24/7 from the website.

Leaderboard per month$175

There are a total of 5 slots available in this zone, but typically we only have one or two filled at any given time (subject to change). Each slot rotates equally throughout the placements, so you may see various banners displayed on a single page at any time.

Medium Rectangle 300 x 250

Medium Rectangle ads feature dynamic placement — they will be shown on the homepage and throughout all Community Forums pages in the right column (in two zones, one toward the top of the column and one toward the bottom). Ad statistics are included and available 24/7 from the website.

Medium Rectangle per month$200

There are a total of 5 slots available in this zone, but typically we only have one or two filled at any given time (subject to change). Each slot rotates equally throughout the placements, so you may see various banners displayed on a single page at any time.

Footer Logo 270 x 65

Footer Logo ads appear on all pages throughout the website in the footer area. Ads are limited to logo and tagline only, with a simple link to your homepage.

Footer Logo per month$75

There are a total of 8 slots available in this zone (subject to change). Each slot is always shown on every page of the website, since each slot has a dedicated space just above the footer of the website.

Technical Specifications

General Information

  • We charge a flat fee of $250 for graphics work to create or manipulate graphics to fit within our ad guidelines.
  • Flash (SWF) files will need to be converted to animated GIFs.
  • We do not accept floating ads, expandable banners, pop-ups, pop-unders or roadblocks.
  • Our ad zones are responsive, so they may appear smaller on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Optionally, you can change out your ad image for a new one each month at no charge, as long as it meets our specifications. Just send your updated image to [email protected] and let us know when you’d like to change it.
  • Payment for advertising services must be received in advance. No exceptions.

File Requirements

  • Maximum file size: 120K
  • Maximum animation length: 15 seconds; 3 frames
  • File types accepted: GIF, JPG, PNG
Self-Posted Forum Topics

Vendor Posts

Vendor Posts appear in the main forum index and Recent Posts areas, just like normal posts. The difference is that only authorized Vendors can post advertisements — regular users can then reply to your Vendor Posts and we moderate them to remove trolls, spammers, and negativity. Vendor Posts are a great way to advertise product sales, new releases and feature updates in a way that allows them to “mingle” with other forum posts.

Monthly Vendor Membership

A monthly Vendor Membership subscription allows you to post 2 advertisement topics in our forum every month for as long as you maintain your membership. Cancel anytime.

  • Allows you to post a sales announcement, news release, feature update, or other advertisement in our forum.
  • Regular members can reply to your topic to ask questions or post positive comments about your product or service.
  • You can reply to member comments to answer their questions and comments.
  • The SurveyorConnect team moderates your post to remove trolls, spammers, scammers, and negativity.
  • Your advertisement will appear in all the same places as our regular forum posts, including the Recent Posts page and forum index.

Note: Your post and accompanying replies will be locked after one month unless you renew. It will remain in the forums and available to indexing by search engines, thus continuing to provide long-term benefits for those who find your topic via Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

$200 per month