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Yes. Some members want to purchase a BeerLeggers Club membership but still support us via our advertisers. You have the option to keep ads enabled or you can disable them completely.

Your posts will remain intact, but you’ll lose the benefits of the BeerLeggers Club, including your access to the exclusive BeerLeggers Club Forum.

When your BeerLeggers Club membership ends, whether you cancel it or allow it to expire, your account will revert back to a free account. Your posts will remain intact, but you’ll lose the benefits of the BeerLeggers Club.

Your posts in the exclusive BeerLeggers Club Forum will remain intact, but you will no longer be able to view or edit them.

We have several awesome features on the roadmap, but we like to keep them under wraps until we get close to a launch date. BeerLeggers Club members will usually get first dibs, when it makes sense. We also have a special updates feed that appears on your BeerLeggers Dashboard to keep you in the know.

Members of the BeerLeggers Club are not above the law. Becoming a member does not allow you to circumvent our Community Rules or other legal policies. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason within the confines of the law.