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Benefits of the BeerLeggers Club

  • Ad Free
    Our advertisers help keep the lights on, but your BeerLeggers Club membership offsets the costs. In return, we’ll reduce the number of ads you see throughout the website (optional).
  • Profile Badge
    Show your support with a BeerLegger badge shown next to your forum posts and in your account profile.
  • BeerLeggers Forum
    You’ll gain access to our special BeerLeggers Club forum, only available to BeerLeggers.
  • Swag Discounts
    You’ll get a 10% discount on anything offered in the store.
  • Early Access
    We are working on several new features to improve SurveyorConnect, as well as other surveying-related projects. We’ll grant you early access to use these features when feasible.
  • Future Benefits
    As we launch new features and benefits, your membership will increase in value. Just keep your BeerLeggers Club membership current and you’ll be automatically included.
  • Helping with Expenses
    Without the support of our members and advertisers, SurveyorConnect would not be able to survive. Your BeerLeggers Club fees will go toward keeping the dream alive.

Members of the BeerLeggers Club are not above the law. Becoming a member does not allow you to circumvent our Community Rules or other legal policies. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason within the confines of the law.

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