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Somebody needs to have a talk with Mr. Vila

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One cup o joe
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As a local Surveyor friend of mine said "I can't even pull out of the driveway for less than $1000!"

Posted : July 22, 2021 12:33 pm
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Daniel Ralph
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I clicked on it and now Bob has more money.  

Posted : July 22, 2021 5:55 pm
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@hi-staker Agreed. Realtor's get 3% of sale because use civilians don't have access to MLS. Lenders charge "loan origination fees" to do paperwork so they can collect interest on you for 30 years. Surveyors doing a real boundary survey could actually provide some value.

I had a friend realtor reach out to me just last week looking for a favor. He had an MLI that the surveyor had noted "Description is comprised of six seperate parcel descriptions, the location of the boundary is difficult to locate with certainty. A boundary survey is recommended."   Good for that surveyor, thats how MLI's should be done. 

Realtor friend to me: "I'm in a jam, client is suppose to close in 2 weeks and title won't insure without an updated description. I reached out to see if another surveyor would write a description and they said it'd require a boundary. What do you think? Could you do a description or some sort of quicker survey that would satisfy?"

My reply without missing a beat: "My recommendation is a boundary survey as well." (why would I disagree with 2 other surveyors. "If I work on the side some I could have it done in 8 weeks for $4k." (at least the MLI gave me warning that its a little bit of a mess).

He's going the route of searching out another title company that issued insurance in years past on the property and crossing his fingers. 

My issues with this: for one, the MLI is the most approximate looking outline I have ever seen. I feel it's almost a disservice to even attempt to draw a parcel outline with the available info.

Secondly, the title company didn't have a problem with the fact that the boundary is uncertain, they just wanted to a description that sounded more like a single parcel.  There's an old road in the parcel too, but that's more than 40 years old since its been mentioned, so title certainly won't be noticing that.

Posted : July 22, 2021 6:16 pm
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RTPK was the icing on the cake

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Sadly this sounds about right for my area.  We lost multiple residential lot surveys last that were in our back yard to a company coming from an hour away to do them for $450.  Lost a few more to a local competitor for... you guessed it $450.

Posted : July 23, 2021 5:29 am
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That outfit is still in business?  You get what you pay for.

Posted : July 23, 2021 6:20 am
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We have pins and data in 95% of the city and surrounding subdivisions all on a coordinated system. It's rare that I can't calculate search areas for corners that will also end up being the final position. But even so if I don't quote an estimate that's quite low I won't come close to staking the lot. Basically I treat them as time fillers at this point. If we are slow or waiting on some large project instead of having the crew doing busy work I can send them out on a loss leader lot survey. Don't make much on them if anything, but they keep us out in the public and it's a small fraction of my overall business. 

Posted : July 23, 2021 6:22 am

RTPK was the icing on the cake

Brad Ott
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Posted by: @csk21

We lost multiple residential lot surveys

A friend and mentor here (Uncle P) says he never lost a dollar on a job he did not get.

Posted : July 23, 2021 9:56 am
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I had a guy come in that I work with at times. His mother lived in a remote town (different state) created by a plat-sans distances and bearings.......

Oh, the lots also border a river that is continually flooding the lots.......

Oh, and there were a couple of surveys that couldn't find anything, so says the mom.......

Oh, and the neighbor's lot borders federal lands in an early era survey with no resurveys.

I kinda got a headache looking at that job. 

Posted : July 23, 2021 10:04 am
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