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half bubble
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What I have:

An HP41 something with all the manuals "ran when parked"

An HP67 with other stuff "ran when parked"

An HP48G, found at Value Village the day the Board said I could take the Exam 2013. Works. Buy it, it's good luck. Make offer.

An HP48GX, VETERAN OF THE PSYCHIC WARS, worn enter key, cards, dead in water, make offer. With nylon case.

An HP48 format Seco raincoat with orange, make offer.

An Lenker Rod "ran when parked" make offer.

An CF card of many variety, such as for HP95 or HP 100, inquire.

An HP95, inquire.

An HP100, inquire.

An TPC environmental case, yellow nylon, inquire.

An TPC nook you lar sur vi va ble steel environmental case with serial port, inquire.

An Topcon plumb-bob mini-prism, inquire.

An assortment of used topcon seco CST type rods, inquire.

An assortment of old survey books, pre 1947, etc. Inquire by title, I might have it. Pics on request.

A set of Kroll books, for Seattle, original, no skull and crossbones in red pencil like in Floyd's. With Kroll's updates in original mailing envelopes, never applied.

An E350 Ford Survey Chariot, empty and ready for your plywood monstrosity or proper steel shelves. 5.4 with handling and tow packages, sway bars and transmission cooler. VIN on request. 2V will outlast the solar minimum with the right synthetic oil. Local delivery only. Inquire. Discount for Renton Tech students. $2000.

An Wild T2 inverted image with EDM mount, by hearsay one of the instruments used to lay out Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, and labeled as NGS surplus from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. With case. Local delivery Only. Inquire.

An Bob Marley cassette, "Legend" album, aged 10 + years in sun on genuine Ford dashboard, vintage chrome tape. Local delivery only. Inquire.

What I need:

Federal Reserve Notes or digital representations thereof, for purpose of NCEES-accredited OIT tuition, FALL 2021.

Topic starter Posted : August 23, 2021 12:00 pm
Peter Lothian
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"Federal Reserve Notes or digital representations thereof" - I wonder how many people are scanning dollar bills to PDF format as I type this query?

Posted : August 24, 2021 6:47 am
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give it a try…. The result will likely surprise you. 

incidently if you want an interesting read, look up currency constellations, and all the cool technology that goes into preventing counterfeiting 

Posted : August 28, 2021 9:12 pm
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Posted : August 29, 2021 4:53 pm