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New ASCE Manual of Practice on Surveying and Geomatics

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Jon Payne
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Posted by: @geeoddmike

I prefer electronic books because they are available to me whenever and wherever I am.

I like the e-books because I can use the text to speech function and play the book through my trucks speaker system when driving.  However, I also like the paper copy because I'm not as efficient at digital highlighting if there is something I want to TRY to remember.

I was taking a course at University of Kentucky a few years back and purchased the text for the class in both versions.  That way I could highlight and refer to the paper copy easily AND I could listen to the chapters as a refresher on the 3.5 hour drive over to the class.

Posted : August 3, 2022 1:40 pm
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I came across a USGS Technical Manual, USGS TM11-D1 here:

Topic starter Posted : August 5, 2022 1:17 pm
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I got this book(manual) "Surveying and Geomatics Engineering" in the mail yesterday. It has 15 chapters and each chapter has the author's name under the title.

This manual is for the surveying engineer as stated in several places in it. (It's not for a Surveyor ).


1. Engineering Survey within  ASCE (by, Gene V. Roe) page 1 to 6

2. Geodesy and Geodetic Computations (by, Earl F. Burkholder) page 7 to 28

3. Map projections and local coordinate systems (by, Michael L. Dennis) page 29 to 84

4. Local, Regional, and Global Coordinate Transformations ( by, Michael L. Dennis) page 85 to 134

5. Analysis and Adjustment of Observational errors (by, Charles D. Ghilani) page 135 to 156

6. Satellite-Based Surveying Technology (by, Jan Van Sickle ) page 157 to 184

7. Leveling and Total stations (by, N.W.J. Hazelton) page 185 to 232

8. Terrestrial Laser Scanning (by, Michael J. Olsen) page 233 to 302

9. Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Mapping (by, Michael J. Olsen, Jaehoon Jung, Erzhuo Che, Chris Parrish) page 303 to 330.

10. Aerial Surveying Technology (by, Michael J. Starek, Benjamin E. Wilkinson) page 341 to 389

11. Survey Control ( by, Daniel Gillins) page 393 to 424

12.. Construction Surveys (by, Marlee A. Walton) page 425 to 450

13. Survey Records (by, Andrew C. Kellie) page 441 to 450

14. Information Systems in Civil Engineering (by, Yelda Turkan, Dimitrios Bolkas, Jaehoon Jung, Matthew S. O'banion, Michael Bunn) page 451 to 488

15. Professional Services and Design Professionals Agreements (by, David E. Woolley, Lisa D. Herzog) page 489 to 536

After each chapter is a list of references

In my opinion don't waste your money on this manual unless you are a " surveying engineer". Most of what is in this manual

can be found for FREE at NGS or by internet search.





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Posted : August 9, 2022 12:06 pm

John Hamilton
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As I said, I think it would be a good text for a survey course in a CE curriculum. Not to make a civil engineer into a "surveying engineer", but rather to introduce the engineering student to the subject. To me it is an absolute travesty that many CE students graduate with no exposure at all to survey topics. 

Posted : August 10, 2022 5:34 am
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