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Upcoming NGS seminar on SPCS and the death of the US Survey Foot

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On 10 Nov 2022 there will be a webinar on SPCS 2022 and the US Survey Foot. Link with description and register button are here:

Webinar starts 1400 ends 1530 ET. 

Posted : October 27, 2022 4:26 pm
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Norm Miller
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I registered but for country or region I wasn't sure if I should use US or i

Posted : October 27, 2022 5:18 pm
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half bubble
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it's a shame and they are a bunch of communists for giving in to the new definition.


Posted : October 27, 2022 5:20 pm

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John Hamilton
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Go metric

Posted : October 28, 2022 2:04 am
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Posted by: @john-hamilton

Go metric


Surveyors already use tenths because it's faster and easier...this isn't exactly a new concept.

Posted : October 28, 2022 5:44 am
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The only time you need to know the difference between types of feet is when converting between old and new coordinate systems (and not in all states). Not much of a burden.

The change was agreed to many decades ago, and should have happened with the switch from NAD27 to NAD83, but somehow didn't.

Posted : October 28, 2022 5:53 am

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