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1373 Land Surveyor ( 2 Positions ) Bureau of Reclamation

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Thought we'd throw this out there for those who are possibly interested in applying to some positions that were just posted for our office. We're looking to hire two 1373 Land Surveyor positions. Looking at applicants from those still new to the field to those who already have licensure.

We're out of Grand Junction Colorado, travel to NM, UT, WY, and occasionally AZ for instrumentation on Glenn Canyon Dam. We get into all kinds of different types of surveys, TOPO's, ROW, boundary, easements, structural deformation monitoring, ect. We're a Trimble shop, use Riegl scanners for Terrestrial LiDAR, NORBIT multibeam units for bathy work. 

If interested and like to apply - here's the link to the posting on USAJOBS. If you happen to know of someone who may be interested, please feel free to FWD that off to them as well.

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Posted : April 8, 2023 10:43 am