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Here is your chance to work with me! Transportation Surveyor (2 positions)

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Dave Karoly
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Cal Fire (Department of Forestry and Fire Protection) has 2 positions in Sacramento.  Office days can be work-from-home but office space is also available if preferred.

Position 1 is full-time/permanent.  Generally speaking an LSIT is required but those with a College Degree have other qualification avenues.

Position 2 is full-time/12 month limited term.  The plan is to get it converted to permenent but there are no guarantees.  I don't think anyone would be without a job, Caltrans is constantly advertising.

Salary ranges:

$5,708.00 - $7,141.00 A
$6,698.00 - $8,380.00 B
$7,746.00 - $9,692.00 C (LSIT reqd)
$8,756.00 - $10,956.00 D (LS reqd)
Note that Range D has a brand new recruitment and retention differential of $300/month.

We travel about 50% of the time.  The State pays for hotels and meals within reimbursement rates.

It's just a great job, especially for Surveyors who want to work towards getting a license. Some typical work:

1. State Forest boundaries, this is remote forest boundaries (look up Jackson Demonstration State Forest-Mendocino County and Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest-Tulare County).

2. State Fire Stations, boundary and topo, almost always rural.

3. Incident Investigation support.  Go to fires and map their investigation scene.  This includes the general origin area and also Serious Accident Review Teams.  We use all the typical surveying equipment and Leica terrestrial scanners (P50 and RTC360) and UAS (dji Phantoms and we have 1 Freefly Astro with a 61mp camera).

4. We do everything, office, research, field, drafting, everything.  It isn't split up into office and field.

Currently we have 7 LSs, 2 LSITs.  2 of the LSs are retiring soon. We have (4) 2-person Field Crews. I am a Transportation Surveyor Party Chief, one of 4, first line supervisor.  My boss is a Senior Land Surveyor.  The 4th crew is Limited Term, management is working on changing them to Permanent.  We are short 2 crew members right now.


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Posted : October 19, 2022 9:46 am
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Hot Damn!!!

Posted : October 19, 2022 2:15 pm
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Hello Dave, can you contact me via message or email, I have some questions regarding the job posting. If you could give me some insight it would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

Posted : October 27, 2022 1:17 pm

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