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Carlson BRx5 Base and Rover Pair

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This kit is used by me daily. This is a great system with dual hot swappable batteries meaning you do not have to shut the GNSS engine down to change out batteries. When logging static data, the base can last 8 - 10 hours on the 2 rechargeable batteries or use the included external power cable for external 12v power.  This kit was used entirely by me, the sole proprietor.  I can personally attest that it has never been abused, dropped, or put up wet. It uses the same batteries as the latest Trimble gear (5700, R7, 5800, R8 etc..) so you can replace those easily from Amazon, but I have included 4 new batteries. Both receivers are identical and can be configured as static receivers, network rovers, or as a base/rover pair.  No additional unlocking.  They do it all.

This kit is completely updated with the most recent firmware (v5.6Aa7). It is a great alternative to the expensive Trimble, Leica or Topcon receivers kits and worth a look if you are looking for capability at a great value. The BRx5 is optimized to work seamlessly with Carlson SurvCE software.  The units connect, start, transmit, and receive perfectly the first time...every time.  I will be happy to make a video of me starting and using the units for any perspective buyers.  I use them everyday to make money.

Priced to move, base and rover kit for only $5000 USD OBO shipped to continental USA.
Thanks and let me know if there are any questions or concerns,

Todd McBee, PLS

Featuring the Athena GNSS RTK engine, the Carlson BRx5 receiver is very capable and productive. The receiver supports a wide range of satellite signals, including GPS (L1, L2, L2C) and GLONASS (G1, G2) tracking capability means you will have more than enough satellites to stay productive.

The BRx5 can receive RTK corrections from any UHF base station broadcasting in Transparent EOT or Trimtalk format (12.5k or 25k spacing) and CMR, CMR+, RTCM (v2.3 and v3) or ROX protocol. The internal UHF radio can be programmed by the end user to enable any licenced frequency (no trip to the dealer required). Also, the onboard 2G GSM modem can receive NTRIP corrections with a data-enabled SIM card inserted. So you can use this kit as a Base and Rover pair or use both as network rovers with an existing base receiver.

If you use GNSS for static base station logging, there is a removable SD card for data logging, this can be activated by the field software or easily on the receiver using the multi-function buttons. There is a free RINEX converter available at

This receiver can be operated with Carlson SurvCE or MicroSurvey Field Genius field software on your windows mobile data collector. (not included)


  • Athena GNSS RTK Engine with latest firmware
  • Each receiver has base or rover functionality with
  • 430 - 470 MHz. UHF transceiver radio (1W) in each unit, can be programmed to 12.5k or 25k spacing by user.
  • Sim card slot and GSM Network Roving module (2G) in each unit with automatic SMS communication functionality
  • removable SD card slot for data logging, static work with OPUS or RINEX conversion
  • Dual battery slots with hot swappable rechargeable 7.4V batteries (same batteries as trimble 5700, 5800, R7, R8 etc.)
  • Antenna bracket to invert antenna and gain range
  • Dual Bluetooth ports, meaning you can connect to a mobile hotspot and data collector at the same time
  • Level Sensor with live digital level functionality in Carlson SurvCE 4.0 and above
  • Compatible with Pacific Crest, Trimble or Satel UHF radios using ROX, RTCM, CMR or CMR+ messages and trimtalk or transparent EOT protocol
  • Hemisphere PocketMax3 PC application for additional settings, configuration or performance monitoring.
  • SBAS/WAAS rover capability with 30cm accuracy.
  • NMEA message output up to 10 Hz. (20Hz. optional)


  • 270 Channels
  • GPS - L1, L2, L2C
  • GLONASS - L1,L2
  • 0.8 cm RTK precision horizontal (RMS)
  • 30 cm SBAS precision horizontal (RMS)
  • Up to 10 Hz. position rate 
  • Internal 1W UHF Radio, 430 - 450 MHz., programmable to 25k spacing or 12.5k narrowband.
  • Lemo 2-pin External power port
  • D-sub 9pin RS232 serial port
  • Lemo 9-pin RS232 serial port
  • TNC radio antenna connector
  • Shockproof (2m drop), waterproof and dustproof Lexan EXL housing (IP67, EP455)
  • -40F - 158F rated (-40C - 70C)
  • NMEA data output up to 10 Hz. (20Hz. optional)
  • Correction Protocol: RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3, CMR, CMR+, ROX


  • BRx5 Base and Rover GNSS Receivers
  • UHF Antenna (x2)
  • UHF Antenna Inversion Brackets (x2)
  • Serial programming cables
  • Battery Chargers (x2)
  • Rechargeable batteries (x4)
  • Base Setup Measuring Tape
  • Tribrach for Base Receiver
  • Tribrach adapter to raise receiver and allow upright antenna orientation
  • 2GB SD card
  • Protective Pelican Hard Case with custom laser cut hard foam insert
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It's a good deal, especially for a Carlson surv ce user.


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