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Leica CS15

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I upgraded some gear and no longer have a use for this controller.  It has been used but not abused.  It was used mostly by myself as part of our backup/as-needed equipment setup.  The screen is scratch free and clean and the keys are all good.  It includes the CTR16 radio cap for long range BlueTooth connection to a robot with a RH16/17 radio handle.  I've updated it to the most current version of SmartWorx 9.06.  It will drive anything with SmartWorx so up to a MS50 and GS14/15.  I used it with a TCRP1203 and GS15.  It has slots for a SIM card, SD card the CF card up top although the modem is only 3.5G which is currently being phased out.  It has WiFi though which is what I used to connect to the office FTP and the internet for VRS/RTN.  On the bottom I have the USB/LEMO plate plugged in but can swap that for the 9-pin/USB if you would prefer.  I also have the CCS01 stand charger and the pole clamp plate that I'll include.  Anything I'm missing or if you have questions let me know.  I'm in Colorado and will ship anywhere in the States.  I'm asking $2,000 and can do Paypal, Venmo or Zell.  Thanks.


Posted : September 23, 2021 12:10 pm