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Leica GS14, GS15 & CS15 For sale

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Cameron Watson PLS
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I have 2 GS14 and 2 GS15 GPS antennas I no longer need.  I also have a CS15 controller which includes the CTR16 long range blue tooth radio cap for running a robotic gun.  I had it paired with a 1203 but it will run almost anything with a RH16 radio handle that's running Smartworx so up through the TS15/MS50.  It has an internal cell modem but it's based on 3G so won't work most places.  It does have WiFi though so if you want to run GPS on a network you can use a hotspot to connect to the internet for corrections. 

I will load whatever firmware version you need on whatever device you might be interested in.  I'm happy to sell it all together or break it all up.  Price is negotiable on all of it.  This is older stuff but still completely viable.  I still have a GS15 in service daily.  Hit me up if you would like pictures or serial numbers and to discuss pricing and shipping if you're interested.  Cheers!   

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Posted : December 19, 2022 2:28 pm