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Nikon XF (5")

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Pablo Pascariello
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Nikon XF full station (5") autofocus, in perfect condition.

-* Two angle sensors in a horizontal circle located in diametrical position, for higher reading accuracy.
-* Distance measurement precision ±(2mm. + 2ppm)-
Distance measuring accuracy without prisms ±(3mm. + 2ppm)-* High speed EDM
-* High speed EDM, allowing measurement in 0.3 seconds in fast mode. Resolution in distance measurement 1mm and 1cm selectable.

Range in distance:
-* Range without prisms: 800 m above surface with 90% reflectivity.
-* Range with 5 cm reflector plate: 300 m
-* Range with 1 prism: 5,000 m


I am located in Lisbon, Portugal and I can ship anywhere.

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Posted : May 23, 2023 7:29 am
Pablo Pascariello
Posts: 4
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Pablo Pascariello
Posts: 4
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