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Hiper Lite + SpSp

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For those who truly Remember (Correctly):

What did you setup your 915 Radios to in Modem-TPS? Or, What do you have them set to Now?

I have read differing recommendations from Hiper Lite Plus Manual, Hiper Lite & hiper Lite Plus Combo Manual, and  opinions from equipment knowledge bases. What works for you with these Radios? Thanks for any feedback! 

As comparison:  on/after Connecting with serial A at 115,200 baud:

Radio Type FH915+ , Radio Link 9600 baud , Radio to Receiver 38400 baud, RTS/CTS -checked.

The reason i ask, i wanted to know what others use, as i find they work at several different radio link baud/rtsoffon/recvr baud/fh,fh+ settings. What do you use, and why? Thank You for your Time!


Also, Format for differential corrections (Input/Output for Serial port C (radio), Is anybody using anything

except RTK CMR? If so, what, & why?  Thanks!!



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