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SP80 use RTK Correction from PASH commands

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Hello dear surveyors !

I'm a lidar drawing app programer, I've worked for 3 years on a 3D Drawing software from pointclouds data.

Today I'm working to implements GPS (like SP80) into my software to draw immediately from streets. It would be used to confirm and check all drawed elements from pointclouds data.
So I've discovered how to comunicate with GPS from bluetooth COM port, it allows me to read NMEA lines from GPS and to write NMEA lines into this COM port.
Then I've learn how to get position from $PASHR,POS messages and now I can get my GPS position into 3D software, of course I'm using height correction etc.

But now I would like to know how to enable RTK correction from apn like Teria. I got logins for it. But I didnt find a way to get these corrections.

I've tried : 

'$PASHS,MDM,PAR,PWR,AUT,PTC,1,APN,'+ $apn +',LGN,'+ $lgn +',PWD,'+ $pwd +',NET,1'
'$PASHS,NTR,PAR,ADD,'+ $ip +',PRT,'+ $prt +',LGN,'+ $lgn +',PWD,'+ $pwd
'$PASHS,NTR,MTP,' + $mp
but the GPS still answer me answers without RTK corrections.
Does anyone know how to set SP80 RTK from NMEA/PASH commands ?
Or does anyone have a complete documentation for this ?
Thanks for help, it would be a lot apreciated !
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christ lambrecht
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Hi ToHo

there are a few surveyors here that are also programming.

Yuriy Lutsyshyn Is one of them, I see his last post dates from 4 yrs ago, and he is fro Ukraine, let’s hope the best for him, I’m not sure he was actually living there 4 yrs ago.

How about you’re 3d-drawing software? Is it usable as a lightweight lidar viewer?

regards from Belgium



Posted : March 23, 2022 12:15 pm
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Hi @christ-lambrecht

Thanks for your reply, I hope the best for him too. I'll try to contact him.
Of course this software can be used as lightweight software. It can works on cloud (still working on it for users lidar data hosting), and it standalone version (installed on pc) has 252MB weight. I'll show you a presenting video from private message.

Regards from France

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