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East Kentucky Surveyor

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Bart F
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Hello All.  I began my surveying career in 1995 as a rodman at an AE firm with a contract with the United States Corps of Engineers.  I worked there 12 years then opened up a small surveying business due to personal needs.  In 2020, my son was raised so I made a call to an old friend who happened to be the chief of the Geospatial Section at the Corps of Engineers District close to me.  And the rest is history...  I am now a surveyor for the federal government.  I have completed nearly every type of survey in my career from ground control for photogrammetry, boundary surveys, hydrographic surveys, dam deformation and everything in between.  I am looking forward to touching base with all the professionals here to further my knowledge.

Posted : December 20, 2022 6:09 am
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Welcome aboard. Kentucky native here.  Go CATS!

Posted : December 21, 2022 3:20 am
Tom Bushelman
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Welcome Bart from Northern Kentucky.  We could use some more representation in Eastern Kentucky in KAPS as well.  Johnny Justice has been a surveying voice for a long time from around Pike County.

Posted : December 21, 2022 4:28 am

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Posted : December 21, 2022 5:02 am
Bart F
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@stlsurveyor C-A-T-S CATS, CATS, CATS!!!!

Posted : January 3, 2023 9:41 am
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