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Greetings from Europe

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Hello and greetings from Europe!

Young surveyor started working recently. Using Leica equipment, and the main reason for registering here is to find answers to questions regarding Leica instruments and Leica Infinity software (hope I'm in the right place), as well as to learn more about land survey and other people's experience.

Also doing a lot of AutoLISP programming, maybe I can help someone with some problem, but I also make whole custom lisp programs for commission, if someone want to speed up and make their data processing easier, feel free to contact me.

Posted : November 15, 2022 10:52 pm
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Where from in Europe? 

Lot's of Leica folks here (i'm not one of them) so aswers enough. Just use the search.

Posted : November 18, 2022 9:27 am
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Kevin Hines
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Welcome to the forum. You will find answers to most, if not all, of your questions on this forum. Be as specific as possible with your questions, and expect several different answers/possible solutions to be recommended. Keep in mind, there CAN be more than one correct answer.

Posted : November 18, 2022 9:31 am
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holy cow
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Welcome.  Check in daily to see what all is happening here.  Nearly any topic you might think of has been tackled once or a dozen times already.  We need new viewpoints.  And, try to add as much as you take.  That way we all gain.

Posted : November 18, 2022 10:14 am
Brad Ott
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Welcome, friend.

Posted : November 19, 2022 9:22 am