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Forum Updates for 2020-03-29: Notifications improvements & bug fixes

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Hot on the heels of the previous update, we've got another small update with further improvements to notifications and some bug fixes.


Notifications List

The notifications list (in the bell icon on the right side of the forum menu bar) has been improved as follows:

  • Clicking the "clear all" link will now simply clear the list without redirecting you to the forum index page (because it's now a javascript routine).
  • After you've clicked to open the list, you can now hit ESC on your keyboard to close it again.


Bug Fixes

A few more bugs were squashed since the last update, including a couple of small bugs related to the Notifications list. We also fixed some spelling errors (oopsy) and a few other miscellaneous bugs that may have a slight impact on loading times. 🙂 

Topic starter Posted : March 29, 2020 9:21 am