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News [Sticky] Introducing our revamped free newsletter, The Cut Sheet!

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For several years, I've had our free email newsletter on the back burner. Occasionally, I would send it out, but there was no real regularity or structure to it. It really lacked in character and I had set it up in a rather dry, robotic way. Well, I'm changing that.

Introducing The Cut Sheet by SurveyorConnect

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I've rebranded the free newsletter (which, by the way, was it's official name, LOL) to The Cut Sheet. I bounced around a bunch of naming ideas, most of which were used by others in some way or another, and I didn't want to step on any toes. So I started thinking about reports of any kind that were used in surveying back when I was practicing. To an outsider, The Cut Sheet may have interesting connotations, but to us -- well, we know that it contains critical information from us that a super needs to build a project. And here we are, building and improving SurveyorConnect. 🙂

The Cut Sheet will go out every Friday morning (there may be a few exceptions, such as holidays). In fact, the first issue went out on Friday, September 10, 2021. For the first issue, I kept it relatively simple -- a brief introduction and clippings (get it?) of some of the popular topics in our forums for that week. I plan to improve it as we move forward by adding links to useful third-party surveying news (when available/applicable). I wanted to start off simple and let it snowball into something that surveyors everywhere can enjoy.

I've also added a sponsorship section to see if we can bring in a few advertising dollars to help keep SurveyorConnect online and running smoothly.

If you'd like to subscribe to The Cut Sheet, visit: or you can click on the new banner in the right column (on mobile devices, it is below the main content).

Also, I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions. If you have any thoughts on how to improve The Cut Sheet, please let me know by replying here or via the contact form!