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News SurveyorConnect Reaches 10 Million Pageviews in One Month

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I just thought I'd take a moment to brag a bit about SurveyorConnect's most recent achievement. You see, our traffic, number of topics/posts, registered members and other statistics have been steadily climbing over the years. Today, it was time for me to look back at last month's results, and I was rather shocked to see we'd reached over 10,000,000 pageviews for a single month -- 10.42 million, to be a bit more precise. I don't think we've seen that milestone before.

So I've updated our Advertise page to show off these numbers a bit. 🙂

You could look back at the old website (run by POB) and say that we haven't even reached their level of registered members or traffic numbers, and that was over 10 years ago! That is true, we haven't reached that level. BUT -- I would argue that they allowed every single pageview to be counted, even if it wasn't a legitimate, surveying-related person. They also allowed countless number of spammers to register and never removed them. But I digress, I'm not here to bad-mouth them, only to make the comparison and show why our numbers have yet to reach those levels.

Our traffic and member numbers are purposely restricted in an attempt to ONLY attract surveyors and those with a specific interest in surveying (or related fields). I refer to this as "quality traffic". So even though our membership numbers are about 1/4 of what had back in the day, our numbers are very focused.

Anyway, all that was basically a prelude to a huge



for being who you are and for contributing to this website. We truly appreciate your participation and your contributions in time, knowledge, helpfulness, support and monetary donations. Whatever way you contribute, we appreciate you.

Posted : August 18, 2021 4:17 pm
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holy cow
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A number of years ago there was a commercial showing some guy glued to his computer screen.  Then it showed him in a scene with his wife and she says, "I thought you were surfing the internet."  He replies, "I was, but I came to the end of it."

AIN'T NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, especially with this great, growing site to explore.  You will have to thank those responsible for the other 0.42 million page views.  You already have the first 10 million covered.  You're welcome.

Posted : August 18, 2021 5:15 pm
Brad Ott
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Word, brother.  Word.

$ click the link below folks $

(in my signature line)

Posted : August 18, 2021 5:22 pm
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Norman Oklahoma
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10 million a month? I couldn't possibly be personally responsible for any more than 100,000, tops.

Posted : August 19, 2021 8:54 am
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Brad Ott
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Posted by: @norman-oklahoma

10 million a month?


Just think if Wendell could find a way to collect just $0.10 each..

Posted : August 19, 2021 11:13 am
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A big thanks to you Wendell, and Angel for all the effort y'all have put forth to make Surveyor Connect the undisputable best site there is for all of us surveyors and anybody else for that matter. Y'all done good! 😎 

Posted : August 19, 2021 12:49 pm
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