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Incorporating 3D Scanning into industrial and commercial construction

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Hello everyone, my second post here. I work for a commercial/light industrial construction company. We have recently invested in some new technology in hopes that we can offer more to future projects, and clients. I'm eager to learn more about working with point clouds and finding ways to incorporate the Terrestrial scanner into our workflow. We purchased it to scan Mechanical/Electrical rooms on a large project and through research we also found that it would be useful for Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness testing(FF/FL) for which it works flawlessly. Furthermore I have been able to pull large surfaces from the scan data with ease and do more accurate quantities for subcontractors, faster. I have used it on bridge decks, for haunch calculation verification, and for the recordkeeping of concrete deck patchwork etc. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas or experience that they might share. Thanks in advance

Posted : October 26, 2022 2:42 pm