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Petition on unrestricted point cloud exchange

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As a supplier of pointcloud data with use of a specific instrument i sometimes find myself in a position where i cannot offer certain deliverables because my software doesn't provide this or it is hardware specific. Possible clients don't know all about pointclouds so they often choose a provider which at the end cannot meet their requirements.

A petition to liberate pointclouds is launched today where i am a participant in from the initial thoughts and ideas of the petition. I helped out Daniel Wujanz the initiator with my views on this.

I see myself different from the other initiators as i have no ties with software industry or hardware manufacturers. My main concern is that current clients and future would step to competition because of certain choices made by other parties. If someone would ask for a format of data i cannot produce i could be out of that particular contract.

I started in general surveying when all that was used was a dwg. Even if someone would use microstation, opening there would be no problems each others data.

In scanning this would be awesome to gain back. None tied to a specific system. Changing scanner providers when not satisfied would be much easier to implement at future clients. Also this would gain much more traction to scanning for all of us scandata delivering companies, software vendors and hardware suppliers.

Therefore i support this petition and would ask for you to have a look at it.