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Trimble TSC2 Unit

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I am trying to revive a TSC2 unit after several years of no use. I have had the power boot module charging for close to six hours now, LED on the boot indicates it is charging normally. When I attach the boot to the TSC2 unit it will briefly display the booting screen, followed by the startup Microsoft Windows screen, and them seemingly will power off. Pressing the power button once after this displays the same Microsoft Windows screen again and then the unit will seemingly power off again. Holding down the power button will display the Owner Information screen, continuing to hold down the power button will start the unit reset, but the unit will power down shortly after. I can get the unit to reset by continually pressing and holding down the power button. The unit will power off, then power on with the same amount of time remaining, repeatedly until time runs out and the unit resets. The unit will seemingly reset, display the booting screen, the Microsoft Windows screen, and then power off and the process repeats itself. Curious if the battery is just toast after not being used for so long? Attached it Owner Information window that is displayed in case that helps anybody.


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