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Dodging bullets

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An older woman called about a 2012 survey that a now retired guy did for this office. The record of survey shows fence lines some distance from lot lines and now half of them are corrected to his monuments. The other half of the fence still needs to be moved.

She wanted to know how much to go back out and find and line up the monuments for fence construction. Feeling a little bad for her I gave her the rock bottom quote and she almost had a heart attack. It's in deep canopy for the back pins along the river and under cars most of the time for the open pins along the street. The pins where the fence was moved might have changed or been removed.

Not a hard job, it's on our coordinate system and easy to check other pins to prove where everything is, but still a new client, an account to set up, files to load and plots to print, a trip to the field, books to fill out, recon and setting or recovering corners, stake line points, typical stuff. 

Anyway she didn't want to pay (I don't think she wants to pay anything) and I forgot about it. Three months later an older man stopped by and wanted to know the same things with the same story. I gave him our map and since he had a metal finder I gave him some tips about recovering the pins. I'm driving into the office and next door is a construction site, we did the platting and the ALTA but refused to bid the staking.

A fencer I've done extensive projects with was in the street setting up the security fencing so I stopped by and chatted with him. He is normally on big stuff but will some smaller things, he asked me about a little fence project where the fence is off, the pins are located but he got a nasty letter from the neighbors attorney that warned him about building the fence and facing lawsuits. He says he's out, not going to do it. 

As I drove to the office it hit me what he was talking about, our old 2012 glad I didn't start the clock on that one again.  

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Posted : September 22, 2022 3:17 pm
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Why is it that so many people think that after the survey project is completed, we have entered into some kind of 40 year contract to refresh their lines at their whim for no additional cost?

Posted : September 22, 2022 3:41 pm
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We do set guards on all our stakes 24/7 to watch over them. 

Posted : September 22, 2022 4:51 pm