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Filing of Elevation certificates

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While going through a box of office junk I forgot about since retiring, I came across a law requiring FL surveyors to file a copy of every elevation certificate they produce with the Division of Emergency Management. (and if you don't, and get caught, you will be fined)

Section 472.0366, Florida Statutes (2021), outlines the requirements for

surveyors and mappers in preparing an elevation certificate. In relevant part, Sec.

472.0366(2) states: "Beginning January 1, 2017, a surveyor and mapper shall, within

30 days after completion [of an elevation certificate], submit to the [Division of

Emergency Management] a copy of each elevation certificate that he or she

completes. The copy must be unaltered, except that the surveyor and mapper may

redact the name of the property owner. The copy need not be signed and sealed when

submitted to the division; however, an original signed and sealed copy must be

retained in the surveyor and mapper's records as prescribed by rule of the board.


How many other States have a similar requirement?

Posted : January 24, 2023 4:08 pm