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Job Shadowing

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This week I had a guy call me to pick my brain about surveying as a possible career. He just finished a six year stint with the Air Force and is exploring possibilities.  He is interested in coming out to observe to get a feel of what we do. I think it's a good idea and realize he can only observe. I'm also thinking that he just needs to meet us at a job instead of riding with us.  Just thinking of any liability that could occur.


Topic starter Posted : October 7, 2021 4:02 am
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Does your vehicle insurance differentiate between employees versus any other person tiding in the vehicle in case of accident?

If not, I don't see a big problem.

Posted : October 7, 2021 5:52 am
Kevin Hines
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We have high school and college students shadow us from time to time.  We put them on for one or two days as general labor, pay them $10 an hour for the time they are on the job, and explain every step of the process as we go through the day.  All employee/employer liabilities are the same as any other hire.

Posted : October 7, 2021 6:10 am
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Without being an employee he may not be able to legally enter any property without specific permission of that landowner, I know the state I work in specifically identifies a surveyor's assistant as being an employee of the surveyor and has to carry documentation stating that fact. 

Posted : October 7, 2021 6:13 am
Dave Karoly
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Letting Engineers “help” us is how we cure their surveying dream.

Help us carry the heavy scanner box down to the scene then it dawns on them we need to carry it back up when we are done so suddenly Engineer remembers a meeting they need to attend LOL

Posted : October 7, 2021 6:19 am
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Absolutely the best and only way to do it to stay safe from the lawyers. Not all of them are bad. Like politicians...wait, that might be a bad analogy.

Like realtors...wait...dammit.


Well they're not ALL bad either way.

😎 😉 

Posted : October 7, 2021 6:41 am
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Brad Ott
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Liability of boredom.  A local high school math teacher and friend has asked me to allow his ~17-year-old daughter shadow me for a 1/2 day sometime.  It is on my list.  I am hoping her schedule lines up with my last minute approach when an exciting job pops up that might involve streets AND sewers.

Posted : October 7, 2021 7:32 am
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Even better if it's a fully flowing sanitary sewer with a 60" line.

Better tie off for that one. 😎 😀 

Posted : October 7, 2021 7:49 am
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