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Was on a hike a week ago in Colorado on forest service lands. 

Along the trail I noticed this:

 the other side:

 I noted the distance from where we started and moved on. 

They probably are some hash marks for trail maintenance and not some line tree, way too fresh for an original tree. 

Of course I needed to plot up the location and take a good look at it which puts me here:

You can just see the trail north of the pink line/green line intersection which is a quarter corner. Possibly that pine north of the trail is that tree. 

This is earthpoint on Google so it might be hundreds of feet off, still my distance calc from our starting point places me really near the pink line. Should have got a Lt, Long with my phone but the gals I was hiking with didn't want to indulge my fetish. 

So I went to the records site to look at a plat and it has been surveyed, there were lots of mineral surveys, resurveys, HES, but nothing since 1881 for this location. However, there was remonumentation activity but no plat associated with that, and I didn't see anywhere to get records for that. 

Is there something wrong with me that I want to go back and do a search for the 1/4?

And where do you get notes for Colorado surveys?

Is there a website or do you have to contact the BLM?


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