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Trimble DA2 upgraded antenna - now full GNSS

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Dropped last month. Marketed as more of a GIS tool than a surveying tool, but it looks impressive.

Certainly it looks better than the DA1, which was GPS-only. I played around with the DA1 a few years ago and liked the concept and interface but was underwhelmed by the technical performance.

More and more munis and cities/towns are doing their own mapping. For sure, there are cases where a licensed surveyor is required by law and the organization will contract with someone like ourselves, but we all know the tech is far more accessible to non-surveyors than it used to be. I'm wondering how long before they keep everything but LS-required work totally in house.

In addition, surveyors rarely collect attributed datasets, just points with a 3- or 4-character code which require a lot of retro-fitting on the back end to go into a geodatabase. I haven't personally seen many contracts requiring GIS deliverables, but I can see where in the future it might be required along with a stamped survey.

Anyone seen this thing in action yet?

Trimble DA2 Antenna

Topic starter Posted : October 13, 2021 8:26 am