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Trimble SX10 repair help

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I have a SX10 that has damage to the back of the scope. It fell and a rock went through the plastic and hit the tracker board.

Every thing works, accurate Scans, Resections, Direct read points etc. The problem is the tracker is approximately 5 degrees off of the scope. To shoot a backsite I must zoom in on the target and position it optically on the TSC7 screen. I have sent it to several Trimble authorized repair centers, but the answer is the same "we are not allowed to work on the scope" . When sent directly to Trimble  I am told it is not repairable. I believe, since the tracker works, but is just misaligned with the scope, that something could be done. I need someone to take a chance (off book) and fix this 40K instrument. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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