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Leica Tribrachs/for parts

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I'm looking for old, broken, for parts - Leica Tribrachs.

I cannot find parts for these to be able to fix what I currently have. So I'd like to buy at least one broken/for parts to be able to fix up my current equipment.

I know, just buy a new one, but where's the fun in that?

Anyway, that's the gist. Thanks

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Posted : March 11, 2023 8:53 am
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15 years ago I needed a lock down knob, offset arm and composite square slider, for an old style wild tribrach. FTL Geosystem had them in stock.

Posted : March 11, 2023 10:32 am
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What do you have? GDF111, GDF321, ect...


And, what is broken? 

Posted : March 11, 2023 11:45 am

Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver

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An old Leica. Not sure of model number. I can check
the leveling screw is bent/broken

i took it apart, and that’s the only thing that needs replacing

Posted : March 11, 2023 12:04 pm