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Hello friend!

Welcome to the first issue of The Cut Sheet, a rebranding of the free newsletter from SurveyorConnect! I haven’t sent out our free newsletter for quite awhile now and figured it was about time to fix things up and get this going again.

I know that work can keep you busy and you may not have time to devote to visiting the forums a lot, so this newsletter will provide you with a digest format of popular topics each week.

The Cut Sheet will likely evolve over time and I’m happy to get your feedback and suggestions on how to make it better. And, of course, you can always unsubscribe using the link in the footer of every issue.

With that, let’s jump right in, shall we?

🔥 Inside the Forums

Dealing with trolls…

At SurveyorConnect, we deal with spammers, scammers, hackers, and all kinds of folks that want to do bad things in our forums. This week, a troll created an inflammatory topic and then proceeded to use insults and name-calling against those who would disagree with him. After removing him and his posts, we followed up with this summary post.

Read: The thing about trolls…

High-rise setups

Holy Cow wonders how construction surveyors setup their instruments in multi-floor scenarios. He wonders about wind, vibrations and tolerances in these situations. The replies are loaded with great advice from surveyors with experience in these situations.

Read: Question for construction surveyors

Accessorizing section corners

Field Dog is trying to determine the position of a section corner based only on the accessories that are available, and wondering about the best way to calculate it. As usual, SurveyorConnect members jump in with their own advice.

Read: Create section corner position using only accessories

Bogus cap?

Nate finds a cap on a monument and can’t seem to identify the surveyor that set it. With a little help from the trusty SurveyorConnect warriors, he is able to connect with the appropriate surveyor. Turns out it was a happy and productive discussion.

Read: Bogus survey caps

Involving the police

We sometimes hear stories about how local police or sheriff’s department are utilized for various reasons. Have you ever worked on a surveying project where you needed to call the police? Or perhaps a landowner called the cops on you? There’s lots of great feedback in this thread.

Read: On dealing with the police and surveying

Going to any surveying conferences?

Shawn Billings says that Javad representatives will be attending several surveying conferences this year. Will you be attending any of them?

Read: Upcoming survey conferences

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