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While on a 2-day trip this week to Eastern Oregon with my wife to soak in the hot springs, I’ve had time to reflect on work, priorities and life in general. My wife volunteers for NODA (No One Dies Alone) and she has to make a point to schedule self-care for herself. This short trip has relaxed us both and it reinvigorates us to get back into the daily grind.

There were a few squabbles among members at SurveyorConnect this week while we were away. It reminded me of a time when I used to let things like that bother me and I would react accordingly. I have since grown as a person and have learned to relax, thanks to my wife’s work requirements and the fact that I get to participate. 🙂

What do you do to relax and get your mind off of work? I’d love to get your thoughts here.

🔥 Inside the forums

This work is droning

Nate shares a video of a fixed-wing drone that he particularly likes for obtaining site photos. But others seem to think Google Earth is good enough for that. What say you?

Read: Is a drone in our future?

Poison oak sucks

It seems some surveyors can’t even look at poison oak without getting it while others can skate right through it without any trouble. BStrand wonders about the best remedy for treatment and gets several helpful responses.

Read: Poison oak

Glacier National Park

Rankin_File shares a gorgeous photo of his setup near Glacier National Park in the Today’s Office forum. We love it when our members share great pictures from on the job!

Read: On the border of Glacier National Park

Free Geodimeter/Trimble toolkit

Member “robots” has spent a lot of personal time developing a toolkit for Geodimeter 400/500/4000/600, and Trimble 5500/5600 instruments. His original post was 7 months ago, but he’s still following up to answer questions today! Get more info and a link to his GitHub repo.

Read: Geodimeter 400,500,4000,600 & Trimble 5500/5600 toolkit

Cutting your teeth

A long-time member has a pretty strong stance regarding people who don’t sharpen their chainsaws. Some of the follow-up replies are from folks who don’t even bother with using a chainsaw. Is a machete good enough?

Read: On the philosophy of chainsaws

Chill time

Everybody needs time to relax and get away from work for awhile. What do you do? Does it help?

Read: How do you relax… ?

🤬 Stolen equipment reports

West Columbus, Ohio (Hilliard)

A Sokia GRX3 was stolen, in its case, from the cab of a locked truck.

Atlanta, GA

A Sokia GRX3 was stolen, in its case.

Please visit this thread for all the details. If you have information that may help in the investigation, contact information is provided in the report.

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Capturing the reality of land surveying

A team at Houston Engineering says that as technology such as LiDAR continues to improve, so will survey methods.

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What Is a Property Survey & How to Get One

Oh boy… here’s a news post that’s sure to stir up surveyors everywhere. How does this kind of article make you feel? We’ve started a follow-up topic where we can discuss here.

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