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Hello friend!

I spend some time after these newsletters go out looking through the analytics — how many people opened, how many unsubscribed, and which links are the most popular. This is only the third week, but I already have a pretty decent idea of which forum topics shared here will get the most (or least) number of clicks.

But the analytics only tell a small part of the story.

This newsletter was born from the idea that many people tend to miss out on some of the threads because they couldn’t possibly stay connected to SurveyorConnect all day long. By rounding up some of the most interesting topics, it seems like a good way to keep people in the loop without feeling like they have to check their phone every 2 minutes.

I’ve already received some feedback and it seems that The Cut Sheet is serving that purpose. But I’m curious to know — why do you read it? What are you looking for when you open it up? What is useful about this newsletter for you?

If you have a minute, I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know what you like and, maybe more importantly, what you don’t like.

I want this newsletter to serve the surveying community — and while I can get some insights via analytics, it’s just not the same as getting your thoughts, opinions, and ideas to help make it better.

Thank you! I hope to get your feedback. 🙂

🔥 Inside the forums

How to adjust a side shot

Field Dog inquires about the best way to locate a forgotten property corner that cannot be seen from a primary traverse point. Of course, many thoughtful responses are provided by the collective SurveyorConnect brain trust.

Read: How to adjust a side shot


An aerospace education officer that is involved in search and rescue with the Civil Air Patrol plans to observe some NGS monuments to establish what their equipment is capable of, but need to figure out how to make the comparison between datums.

Read: Transforming NAD 83 to present day GPS

Pretty colors

Nate discusses color blindness among surveyors and how it might affect visibility in the field. Do you have problems seeing certain colors or color combinations? How do you deal with it? What colors have the most impact on how you work?

Read: Color blindness and surveying

Typo positive

If you work in a surveying office, you are likely familiar with interesting typographical errors on maps. Holy Cow points one out and, of course, others are sure to jump in with their own typo stories.

Read: Typo of the day

Unoriginal original monuments

Scott poses an original question about outer block monuments being set “originally”, but interior monuments being set at a later date. Are they still considered original monuments and how much weight are they given?

Read: Original Monuments… That aren’t

Opinions, PLSS

If you found out a previous surveyor was proportioning PLSS corners using newer surveys as opposed to original GLO notes, what would you do? How would you handle his monuments that were set 20 years ago?

Read: Professional Quandary

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👋 Before You Go

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I often receive compliments about the forums — how helpful they are, the overall vibe, etc. And while we are the ones who field those messages, they are only possible because of you.

Every day surveyors turn to SurveyorConnect looking for help to solve problems, better themselves, or appease their clients — and there you are offering a helping hand. There’s rarely a question that goes unanswered because of your generosity. You take time out of your day, share your experiences and help others succeed.

So thank you for that. You are what makes SurveyorConnect such a great little slice of the Internet.

All the best,

Wendell T. Harness