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“Excuse me, is that a camera?”

How many times have you heard that one? The irony is that sometimes our surveying instruments have cameras built-in, so you could actually say yes. But I digress…

Do you like to take photos of your field “office”? Sometimes you get to work in some interesting areas and you just can’t help but take a picture. Whether it be a jungle of the urban variety or the traditional rural kind, you’ve probably snapped some pretty good shots at some point in your career.

Would you like to share those surveying photos and perhaps have them published in a wall calendar? We’re offering exactly that opportunity to 12 lucky winners of SurveyorConnect’s first-ever Photo Contest. Winners will have their photo published in our 2022 wall calendar, and will receive some cool SC merch. Of course, we’ll make a big deal of it all and give you some appropriate recognition. 🙂

Got some great surveying photos to enter? Click here for all the details.

Entries must be submitted before midnight PST on October 31, 2021. You can enter as many times as you like.

🔥 Inside the forums

LiDAR Manhole Dips?

Not sure what kind of accuracy you could expect or if it even works, but it seems that the iPhone 13 may have some interesting capabilities.

Read: iPhone LiDAR for MH dips

What wood you do?

Loyal links to a Wikipedia article about archaeological postholes and requests comments. No specific questions, I guess, but some members were disappointed that there were no posthole monument photos presented.

Read: Wood Post Monument Recovery

Casting a shadow

Job shadowing could be a great way to get people interested in the fine profession of surveying. David3038 was recently asked if he’d be interested allowing someone to observe and learn from him on the job. Is this something you would do? Why or why not?

Read: Job Shadowing

The road to confusion

Big D is trying to unravel an issue with road easements from the 1930’s to now, with a discrepancy between called-out easement widths, among other things. You can read his detailed request and perhaps you’ll have some great advice for him.

Read: ROW vs Property Line Corner POBs

That’s just gross

Bruce Small is working on a project where the title company provided a “grossly incorrect” legal description and couldn’t get anyone to believe him. We’ve all been there, amiright? He sent an amusing yet effective email directly to the client, who then assured them that he’d get the title company to make things right.

Read: Getting their attention

I’m so blue

Frank Willis wants to geotag his site photos to RTK accuracy. Is this possible? How?

Read: RTK Bluetooth to WiFi camera

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🦺 From the marketplace

Wanted: HP Calculator Repair
Wanted: DC 50 Data Collector

📰 In other news

Attracting Young Talent into Maine’s Land Surveying Profession

Don Dostie, president of the Maine Society of Land Surveyors, says there is one word he would use to describe the land surveying profession: purpose.

“When people want to have a career, they need to feel like they have purpose. More than money, more than anything else, more than a title, if you have purpose then you’re going to love what you do,” Dostie, who is also project manager at Encompass Services LLC, says.

Read the article at POB

Reps. Kind, Westerman Introduce the FLAIR Act to Improve Federal Land Management

“This commonsense bill would increase transparency, cut wasteful government spending, and help us manage our public lands more effectively,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “I’m proud to introduce the bipartisan FLAIR Act and look forward to the bill providing a more streamlined approach to cataloging the public lands, buildings, and assets owned by the federal government.”

Read the article at American Surveyor

NMSU geomatics program receives accreditation

New Mexico State University’s (NMSU) bachelor’s degree program in geomatics has been accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of ABET, the global accreditor of college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.

Read the article at El Paso Herald Post

👋 Before you go

Do you use Facebook? How did their massive outage on Monday affect you and your surveying business?

Some of you may know that I was a surveyor in a previous life (for 26 years, licensed in 2 states) but have since changed careers to building and maintaining websites. One thing I’ve been telling business owners for many years is that they need to diversify their online presence. Utilizing social media can be helpful, but it should be treated as an extension of your online portfolio.

It’s wise to have a website that acts as the core of your online representation, because you can have it built and maintained on a more localized basis. This gives you better access and you aren’t at the mercy of conglomerate social outlets. My company, Harness Media, can help you with this, and we work often with surveying companies locally and abroad. Thank you for enduring this shameless plug. 😉

Also, just a quick reminder to take our poll in regards to our Community Forums format: Threaded or Simplified? The poll ends tomorrow, and we’d like to make sure we get your opinion!

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Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness