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Howdy, friend!

One of the cornerstones of SurveyorConnect is its members. Back in 2010, I built because a group of surveyors asked me to build it. Today, I make a point to include our members in decisions whenever possible.

Most recently, there were several members asking if there was a way to simplify the forum layout. The surveying-related forums currently use a format called “threaded”, which essentially allows cascading replies within replies. This is a powerful feature, which allows subtopics to continue within a parent topic. But it can also wreak havoc catching up on unread replies — this is the driving factor behind the requests to move to a simpler format.

Many traditional forums use a “simplified” format which basically means that each topic is linear. You can reply and quote to replies within a topic, but each new reply is appended to the end of the discussion. This is probably the most tried and true format out there, and the one you’ll see in most forums. Furthermore, catching up on unread replies is easy.

These discussions led me to create a topic and poll describing the history of our forum formats and asking for a little help from our members. You spoke, and you spoke quite clearly.

Due to these results, I’ve been preparing the forum for a transition to the simplified format. Don’t worry though, this won’t affect how you login or access the forums. You’ll just show up one day and see the new, simpler format.

Of course, I’m still interested in your input (and always will be), so please feel free to visit the poll topic and provide your feedback there.

With that said, the forum has been rather busy this past week, so let’s get to business! 🙂

🔥 Inside the forums

Solving a boundary puzzle

A property owner (not a surveyor) is trying to piece together a rather complicated boundary puzzle and looking for advice.

Read: Boundary Puzzle/Advice

Recovering nicely

Do you have any favorite corner recovery stories? KScott shares an interesting story about the 100+ year old monuments he found in Western Colorado (with photos!).

Read: Favorite corner recoveries

State Plane your business

Nate wonders about good resources for Arkansas State Plane coordinates.

Read: State Plane Coordinates for Arkansas

“Surveyed that…”

We’ve all done it. You’re on driving to dinner, on vacation, or taking your kids to school and you just blurt it out. Your passengers groan but you smile proudly.

Read: I surveyed that

Elevated with photos

Radar is seeking help with attaching photos to FEMA Elevation Certificates. How do you attach them? Is there a fillable PDF that allows photo attachments?

Read: Elevation Certificate

Vertically challenged, among other things

Here’s a, uh, rather interesting plat narrative that our member Loyal stumbled upon. Are we doomed?

Read: Plat Narrative

Bottoms up, we gotta set this corner!

It’s the last corner to set for the day… and it’s Friday. Why go back to the shop just to get an iron pipe when you could just finish up this beer? Yeah, I know. It makes a lot more sense if you just read the thread.

Read: First for me

Looking for low-ballers

How do you deal with price shoppers? JPH is trying to figure how, or if, to respond to someone shopping for the best price on a survey project.

Read: Price shoppers

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🦺 From the marketplace

For sale: Topcon OS-105 Total station 5″ calibrated
Position available: Survey Technician – Central WA
Position available: Land Development Civil Engineer

📰 In other news

Priceless archive keeps the history of Pacific Northwest trains running

A unique partnership between five nonprofit groups devoted to Northwest railroad history means an incredible archive of priceless photos and documents is being preserved and made accessible in person and online from a location in Burien.

Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive Board president Bob Kelly described how the archive recently came to the aid of a land surveyor in the Chehalis area who was stymied in a project by a lack of accurate information.

Read the article at MyNorthwest

Remotely Operated UAVs Projected To Capture Majority Of The Global UAV Market Revenue Share Through 2030

Presently, companies rely more on the accurate information analysis and data collection using various software that helps enhancing the business output and operation. Enhancement in the hardware and as well as components of UAVs are likely to help customers to generate real-time images and maps because of integration of advanced cameras, fast microprocessors, and modern computing technologies.

Read the article at PRNewswire

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Don’t forget about our first-ever Photo Contest! We’re accepting entries through the end of October and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Winning entries will appear in SurveyorConnect’s 2022 wall calendar, and you could win some cool SC merchandise.

Enter your surveying-related photos today!

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