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How goes it, friend?

Those of you who know me, know that I want SurveyorConnect to be as useful to surveyors as possible. I’m regularly scanning the news for surveying tidbits and I pay attention to what’s going on in the surveying world. I love surveying.

So it probably comes as no surprise that we’re adding a couple of new forums in an effort to make sure all bases are covered. Please help me welcome Precision Ag and Forensic Surveying forums to our ever-growing community!

I know it may take some time to get the word out and for search engines to properly index these forums. It would certainly help a lot if you’d post new topics in there, too. Do you have friends in either of these sectors of Land Surveying? It would be amazing if you’d share this newsletter with them.

I also decided that all of our forums needed proper descriptions, so I’ve updated them. They can be viewed on the main Community page, which is where you’ll find the forums index. When visiting a specific forum, you’ll also find the description atop the list of posts.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I decided to add sticky topics to many of the forums with appropriate surveying industry definitions. Most of them were pulled from Wikipedia, but your input about these definitions is always welcomed. At some point, I’d like to think we could transform these definitions into our own collaborated versions.

Adding these definition topics will hopefully improve our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well, which could help more surveyors find us.

Also, don’t forget to get your Photo Contest entries submitted before the end of the month — it’ll be here before you know it!

🔥 Inside the forums

1868 Manual

Dave Karoly is enlightened by the PLSS instructions in the 1868 Manual. But wait — there’s no official 1868 Manual, is there?

Read: 1868 Manual

CRTN Connections

Since last September, goodgps hasn’t been able to connect to the CRTN. Can you help?

Read: More CRTN connection problems

Are you stoned?

Which side? The 1881 Manual says at a 1/4 corner on a north-south line the mound of earth will be on the west side.

Read: Mound of stone alongside…

Putting out a contract

Andy Nold is working on a comparison of surveying costs for original land surveys in Texas vs. PLSS states and hoping for some help finding the contracts.

Read: PLSS Contracts

Pin cushion by design

ANOTHER_TEXAS_SURVEYOR shows us a pin cushion that was intentionally designed into a plat. Oh, the agony…


Now that’s dedication. Or is it?

A note on a Record of Survey calls for a road easement to be dedicated to the county. mattsib79 wonders if we are talking fee ownership or just a right to use.

Read: Dedicated R/W easement or fee simple?

Maintaining your Gurley figure

Kelly just acquired a Gurley transit, circa 1942, and wonders if there’s a repair manual out there.

Read: Gurley repair manual?

Clean that thing

What’s the best way to clean a total station’s optics, keyboard, screens or other parts? Field Dog wonders what to use.

Read: How to clean my total station

Survey party

The words “drunken” and “surveyors” used in the same sentence? Surely, you jest, Holy Cow.

Read: Drunken surveyors and Montana

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🦺 From the marketplace

For sale: Topcon DS 203 AC+ Robotic total station
For sale: Sokkia GRX2 Base/Rover Setup, Soxxia SX-105 Robotic Total Station & Spectra Precision Ranger Data Collector
Position available: Experienced Land Development Civil Engineer
Position available: CAD-Survey Drafter in SE Wisconsin

📰 In other news

Keynote Speakers Announced for 2021 Survey & GIS Summit

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) are pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the 2021 Survey & GIS Summit, taking place virtually, November 3-5, 2021.

Read the article at The American Surveyor

Global GNSS constellations: Why 2 + 2 equals more than 4

In 2020, with the completion of China’s BeiDou-3 (aka BDS) and Europe’s Galileo, the number of available global navigation satellite system (GNSS) constellations doubled.

Analogously to the addition of GLONASS to GPS a quarter century earlier, but much more so, this sharp increase in the number of available satellites and frequencies greatly improved the precision of satellite-based positioning, the speed of first fix, and the confidence in the results — especially in GNSS-challenged places, such as under thick canopy and in deep urban canyons.

Read the article at GPS World

👋 Before you go

We’re working on upgrading your user profiles, private messaging system and much more. Stay tuned for cool new stuff at SurveyorConnect!

And if you have any great ideas for new features, we’d love to hear about them. All you have to do is get logged in to your SurveyorConnect account and then post your feature request in our Support & Bug Reports forum.

Happy traversing,

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