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Aloha, friend!

<insert Ozzy Osbourne’s “Flyin’ High” song here>

Right now, as I sit in a 737, flying high over the Pacific Ocean at more than 500 miles per hour, I find myself thinking about the many ways the words “flying high” apply to me right now.

I mean, I’m literally flying high over the ocean in a large metal tube. But I’m also flying high for other reasons: I’ve been married to my amazing wife for 28 years as of yesterday; this Hawaiian vacation was the best one yet; and we’re about to return to our place of comfort, our quaint little home in Oregon.

But the one overall reason that I’m flying high is because, well, life is good. Yeah, there are some weird things going on in our country and the world right now, but you know what? I have my family and friends, a roof over my head, a business that allows me to “work” at something I enjoy, and the three coolest kitty cats on the planet. Oh, and let’s not forget all of you fine folks at SurveyorConnect. 🙂

So yeah. I’m flyin’ high. Again.

How are you doing? How’s business? I keep hearing surveyors say they are so busy they either have backlogs or they are turning work away. Or both. That’s a good problem to have.

I’d love to get your thoughts in this thread: How’s business?

🔥 Inside the forums

Diggin’ it

Brad found his new favorite digging utensil. The doggone thing even has the ability to measure depth.

Read: My new favorite shovel

Need more data

How can OPUS include a CORS station when the station is down during the time period of the observation?

Read: Can OPUS use a CORS when no data is available?

She’s a difficult GAL

Shelby is trying to troubleshoot Trimble data that is being converted to RT27 format but not getting correct GAL ephemeris data.

Read: Trimble RT27 Format Data

Concrete opinions

BushAxe is looking for advice on accepted methods of staking concrete pads in a residential area.

Read: Staking a concrete pad for residential

Excavation safety

Chris wants to keep his construction surveying crews safe, particularly in regards to open excavations. Do you have any helpful advice?

Read: Excavation entry

NGS Map gets even beta

GeeOddMike reports that a new beta release of NGS Map is now available. So far, the responses indicate that it’s a great update!

Read: New beta NGS Map

Odd duck bill

MightyMoe discusses billing notices from third-parties that make it difficult to identify which project they are associated with.

Read: Third person billing companies

Fire in the ___hole!

Gotta love those clients that hire you but then tell you how wrong you are. Why did they even hire you, if they already know everything?

Read: Getting fired by the idiot client

You’re wrong, I’m right

Here we go again! Another client that is bound and determined to tell you how wrong you are.

Read: Call of the day

Role playing

fobos8, a surveyor in the UK, is trying to decide if purchasing GPS equipment is right for his business.

Read: The role of GPS in surveying

Window without a view

Ya gotta love building codes. MightyMoe tells us about a situation where a storage facility is required to have windows due to building codes for that zone. But there’s a catch…

Read: Building codes

De plane (table)! De plane (table)!

Do you have tattoos? Particularly, surveying-related tattoos? Or perhaps you just appreciate tattoos.

Read: Surveying tattoos

Off center

Original stone monument or intersection of 1/4 corners? What if a previous surveyor ignored the stone?

Read: Center of section

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📰 In other news

Traversing Antarctica, Iraq, and Beyond

Surveyor David Scott of Burnet thought Texas was one of the toughest places to survey because of the varied and often arcane laws in play. Then, he went to survey the icy landing strips in Antarctica that shift with the ever-changing weather. He also taught surveyors in Basra, Iraq, where armed security was necessary to keep them safe while they worked.

“That’s a big reason I enjoy this work,” he said. “It’s always different, it’s always new. You never know what you’re going to see or what challenges it will give you.”

Read the article at

The border between GA and TN is in the wrong place

When Congress voted to make Tennessee a state in 1796, it set 35 degrees north as its boundary with Georgia. At the time, this line between Tennessee and Georgia was in Cherokee Indian Territory (much of it occupied by warlike Chickamaugans). No one volunteered to survey the border.

It wasn’t until 1818 that Georgia and Tennessee decided it was time to map out their common boundary. Each state appointed a three-person team to get together and find the border as far west as the new Alabama border.

Read the article at The Crossville Chronicle

👋 Before you go

Those of us in the United States celebrated Veteran’s Day on Thursday. If you are a veteran, we thank you immensely for your service. If you aren’t a vet, thank one today!

Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness