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Gobble gobble, friend!

What are you thankful for? One thing I’m thankful for is the 2022 SurveyorConnect Wall Calendar. 🙂

Based on the winning entries from our Photo Contest, I’ve assembled the first-ever calendar from SurveyorConnect. And it’s available for purchase in time for you to receive it before 2022 actually arrives!

The coolest thing about the calendar is indeed the great photos submitted by our members. But I’ve also kicked it up another notch by adding many surveying-specific historical calendar events. Where else can you find that?

Click here for details!

🔥 Inside the forums

He’d Leica some help

Is there a quicker way to view annotations on the Survey Data screen on a Leica CS20 rather than having to go into each individual point to look at them?

Read: Leica CS20 help

Been weighting for this

Are you overloading the payload of your surveying rig? Is 1/2 ton enough or should you always go with 3/4 ton?

Read: Who knows how much weight they haul in their trucks?

Not getting by me

Are you raising the bar? Or lowering it? Are you an asset to the profession, or a liability?

Read: Getting by Surveys

Getting railroaded

Is it a hard and fast rule to hold the as-built tracks as the basis for the R/W or is other evidence acceptable?

Read: Determining Railroad Right-of-way

Back on the chain gang

Hey, would you trade me that chaining handle for an ice cold Coke?

Read: A day late and a dollar short

We’re missionaries

They aren’t going to stop us. We’re on a mission from God.

Read: They aren’t going to stop us

Road Way

Is there a difference between “railway” and “railroad” when writing legal descriptions?

Read: Legal Descriptions – Railway or Railroad?

3G or not 3G, that is the question

Has anyone put together a database of options for existing 3G hardware and how to continue to use after January 1, 2022?

Read: 3G Options come January 1

Line ’em up

Google Earth removed county lines. Where do you draw the line?

Read: Google Earth County Lines


Can a GNSS rover be used for boundary surveys without total station checks?

Read: Best practise for surveying boundaries?

Old schools gold

Leroy, Lenker, planimeters, tack balls, 41cx, dip needles, AutoCAD regens, top-mount EDMs… ugh!

Read: Old school skills

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📰 In other news

How To Hire A Land Surveyor: Checklist And Tips

A land surveyor is someone with the important task of verifying property lines so that you don’t inadvertently build that fence in your neighbor’s yard. To make these verifications, surveyors go out into the field to search for original property markers on the land (these are usually underground and contain details about who originally surveyed the land).

They also do a lot of measurements and calculations around the property and the neighborhood at large. Plus, they search for and review city, county and state property records.

Read the article at Forbes

👋 Before you go

Next week, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the United States, so we will be taking a break from The Cut Sheet to give thanks. Not to mention the massive quantities of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry dressing… oh my.

Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness