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Howdy, friend!

Can you believe it’s December already?

Whether you own a surveying business or climbing the ranks in your surveying career, it’s good to have goals. Did you set any for 2021? If so, how did you do?

This past Thanksgiving holiday was just like many in the past — delicious roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and all the other fixins. But just like every other year, I found myself thinking about the reasons why I should be thankful since the last Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for in regards to your business or career? What plans do you have for 2022 to make things better? I’d love to get your feedback. Maybe we can help spark new ideas for one another.

I’d love to get your feedback here!

🔥 Inside the forums

FEMA MTZ fillable PDF

Anybody looking for a fillable PDF of the FEMA MTZ form? Seems the FEMA website only has a version for Word. Fortunately, someone stepped up and posted it. I love this place.

Read: FEMA MTZ Form in fillable PDF

Tag! You’re it

Can you put an Apple Air tag inside a base station? Would it interfere with the unit? Would it help you track it down if stolen?

Read: Apple Air Tag on base

Water you going to use?

Can anyone recommend sonar gear for small storm water ponds, generally an acre and less than 30 feet deep?

Read: Hydrographic Surveys – Storm Water Ponds

Another way of taking shots

Do you carry a side arm while in the field? Have you ever had to use it?

Read: Surveyors with Side Arms

Trespassing trees

Wealthy neighbor takes out trees on client’s property. Sadly, legal costs outweigh the benefit.

Read: Trespass survey

It’s only Monday and I’m already pooped

Better log that one in the field book, looks like it’s going to be a $%&@# day.

Read: Crappy Monday

They were just Roman around

Did Roman Surveyors post on Internet forums about which brand of Groma worked best on crooked roads?

Read: Roman Surveyors

A spike in surveying activity 📷

What’s common for spikes in nails in your area isn’t always common in other areas — in fact, it may be rare. Have you ever seen this kind of spike before?

Read: An unusual survey spike

Falling upon old monuments 📷

Finding an 1857 original GLO stone in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills near Bazaar. On a beautiful afternoon in the Fall! How could this ever get old?

Read: Why an old man still surveys

Having a breakdown

Does anyone know of an existing program or written code that will calculate the midpoints in a sectional breakdown?

Read: Section Breakdown Calculation Program?

Prevailing wages

transitman has been reviewing some US Department of Labor material in regard to the need for Land Surveyors to be paid prevailing wages. The requirement for prevailing wages appears to trigger certified payroll.

Read: Department of Labor and Prevailing Wages for Land Surveyors

Digitally certifiable

What company do you use that is recognized by your state board to digitally sign and seal electronic formats (PDF) for deliverables? Or do you even use a third-party?

Read: Digital Certificates

Chained at the feet

On a map from 1917, there is a right-of-way jog that the surveyor notes as (0.08ch) when ground out exactly it is 5.28 feet. However, when a straight 5 feet is used, it grinds out to .0757ch.

Read: Chains to feet conversion

Getting paid

How do you accept payments from clients digitally? Do you allow credit card payments? What service do you use?

Read: Advice on Collecting Digitally

Getting booted

What kind or brand of boots do you own? What do you prefer?

Read: What is your go to work boot?

Repeated battery assault

How long will my repeater’s battery last if on for 9 hours per day? Will it need to be changed every day?

Read: Repeater battery life

Controlling behavior

1/16th lines, subdivisions, surveys, original corners, rights-of-way… ugh!

Read: What controls?

Don’t mess with that valve! 📷

Right-of-way monument found in a valve box. Always check everything before giving up.

Read: Well, At Least They Didn’t Destroy It…

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📰 In other news

NOAA Historical Maps, Charts and Diagrams

At NOAA, we get to do some of the most amazing geographical science in the world, including: studying storms on the sun and their impacts on the Earth; weather modeling and forecasting; fish habitats and migration; coastal tide and water level monitoring; and measuring and defining the shape of the Earth.

You can read about the history of NOAA and NGS in special publications as well as viewing many of the historical photographs. The artistic ability manual cartographers displayed in creating maps and nautical charts from these surveys in the past is a thing of beauty.

Read the article at NOAA

Discuss at SurveyorConnect

Volcano Watch — A cloud of ten thousand points: terrestrial laser scanning of Halemaʻumaʻu

Scientists at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) largely rely on aerial data collection for making maps of ongoing eruptions at Kīlauea. Most commonly, scientists collect a series of overlapping aerial photos (optical or thermal).

Read the article at USGS

Discuss at SurveyorConnect

👋 Before you go

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in our Photo Contest. I’m so elated with how the photos came out in our 2022 SurveyorConnect Wall Calendar that I’m definitely planning on doing this again next year.

Get your cameras out and start grabbing those great photos! I’m going to open up the contest earlier this time around, to give you more time to snap those photos. But you can get started now.

Probably the best photos to take would be to not include people, unless they are unrecognizable or turned away from the camera. This lessens the need for all the legal mumbo jumbo in regards to getting media releases from those people.

I’m also thinking about assigning a theme to the next photo contest. One thought that crosses my mind is to get two photos for each entry — one would be a close-up of a monument and the other would be a shot of the view from that monument (or nearby). The calendar could then show the view photo as the main background with a small cut-out reserved for the monument.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the photo contest or the calendar, please feel free to send me a message! I’m all ears.

Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness