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Hey there, friend!

Welcome to the 20th issue of The Cut Sheet! I’m going to keep this week’s intro short, while I try to further condense this newsletter into something with lots of bang for the buck without having to wade through too much text and fluff.

Some of the feedback I’ve received is that maybe The Cut Sheet is trying to cover too much ground in the Forum Highlights section. I take that to mean that the usual 12 or 13 thread links might be a bit much. So I’m going to try to keep them down to somewhere between 5 and 7 from here on out. It really just depends on how many exciting topics are created in the forums in a given week. 🙂

Anyway, please enjoy this issue and continue to provide feedback so I can make it better and better! Thank you.

🔥 Forum Highlights

Pain in the GLONASS

What are your thoughts in regards to Russia’s GPS shenanigans in light of the recent Ukraine invasion? Remember, please keep it surveying-related and keep things civil.

You’ll remove that, right?

A neighbor lady came out and asked/told me in no uncertain terms, “You’ll remove that, right?” I explained to her that I was marking the property lines of her neighbor and those stakes were the property line markers. So she says after no consideration, “yes, but you’ll remove those, right?”

A surveyor of one hundred stones

Gene Kooper presented a case history of the Sweet Home Mine property near Alma, Colorado on Friday morning at the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado’s 12th Annual Rocky Mountain Surveyors Summit. Check this thread for details and course materials available for download.

California Code Section 8762

I am a young surveyor, so I know this is a conversation that has gone on for a long time before me – but the California code section 8762, in regards to when a Record of Survey Map is required, is quite a frustrating code section for me on a lot of accounts.

Project Management software

Does anyone use “Microsoft Projects” to manage & schedule their survey business? If so, can you provide pros & cons? Is there another software that would be better?

Keep digging, it’s down there

0.8’ Below the road surface. Following in the footsteps of the late Johnny Garrison, NC PLS L-1347

Where should I go to college? Or intern?

I already have Master’s but am STRONGLY considering a survey related degree. Where did you go and why did you select it? Are there any mostly or totally online degrees for this field? I would hope that some of my gen eds would transfer and I could obtain a A.A. or B.A.

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Thank you!

Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness