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There are no words to describe the sadness I feel about the war in Ukraine. All of our problems back here at home, whether personal or professional, are nothing more than a tiny grain of sand in huge ocean of reality.

This week, however, I was intrigued by an article published by GPS World titled, Ukraine Hackers Target GLONASS For Cyberattacks. From the short article:

“Ukraine’s hacker underground named GLONASS as one of its top priorities, according to media reports that cite a post on the ‘IT army’ Telegram channel.”

— Ukraine Hackers Target GLONASS For Cyberattacks, GPS World

How does this affect the surveying profession? How does it affect you?

Read the GPS World article here: Ukraine hackers target GLONASS for cyberattacks

Discuss in the forums here: Ukraine and GLONASS

🔥 Forum Highlights

Color me pink

So, there I was stuck in traffic and noticed a survey crew (two person) doing a topo along a sidewalk and curb. One guy ran the rover rod and took the shot. The other guy’s job was to put a blotch of pink paint where the shot was taken. It looked like a measles outbreak.

The missing LAANC

Any recommendations for a LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) provider for getting airspace authorizations?

For the record

In this state survey maps or plans that do not create new lines of ownership are not required to be recorded. However, I recommend to all my clients to do so, and some clients need encouragement or, at least, an explanation of the benefits for recording their survey map.

Geek critique

I’m new to the PLSS and will be doing my first Record of Survey. I went online and randomly picked this plat to get a good idea of the information typically shown.

Naturally, of course 📄

Soliciting your opinion on the attached legal description. Do you hold the bearing and distances, or do you field locate the “base” and hold that? It should be noted that I found rebar and cap at about half of the angle points of the described boundary.

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