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Greetings, friend!

Thank you. Thank you for posting your fables from the field and your oddities from the office in the Surveyor Connect forums.

I live vicariously through your stories. I do often miss my surveying adventures, but reading your posts helps keep me entertained.

Nothing will ever be as satisfying as finding that old monument that no one has seen for 100 years. Nothing will ever be as amazing as digging four feet down and finding that original stone. And nothing will be as exciting as finding wild west era whiskey bottles as accessories.

Case in point: this post from MightyMoe, including some cool photos!

Do you have a cool surveying story to tell? Tell us about it!

🔥 Forum Highlights

Going back to school

When was the last time you conducted a survey using “old-school” methods and equipment?

Not so small print

I proposed making the entire first page of the subdivision plat a huge-font note…

Phantom of the settlements

As I headed towards my bathroom this morning, NPR Weekend Edition Sunday captured my attention with the phrase, “If Rand McNally had done their own land survey.”

NCAT got your tongue?

NGS releases NCAT v2.1.

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Hey, you! Yeah, you. In case you missed it, our 2023 Photo Contest has officially launched. So, grab your camera and take some shots from your field “office” and enter them to win!

We’ve sweetened the pot this year, too. The grand prize winner will be featured in the calendar and take home a $100 coupon code from as well as a couple of our 2023 wall calendar featuring his or her winning photo. We also send a few miscellaneous Surveyor Connect swag goodies.

11 honorable mentions will also be featured in the calendar and get a $20 coupon code, copy of the calendar, and miscellaneous swag.

Enter today or anytime until midnight on October 14, 2022. You can enter as many photos as you like. 🙂

Thank you!

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Happy traversing,

Wendell T. Harness