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Greetings, friend!

Looking for a good book to read?

GeeOddMike informed us via the forums that the 1952 edition of Brigadier Bomford’s classic text Geodesy is available at Amazon.

“The reproduction from Andesite Press is available in paperback for $16.91, on Kindle for $9.95 and hardback for $29.95. I bought the paperback recently. I found it to be a very good reproduction with only a few stray marks. Graphics, diagrams and the like are quite legible.”

— GeeOddMike

Purchase the book from Amazon here.

You can also further discuss the book here.

🔥 Forum Highlights

Water you talking about? 📷

That moment you realize you left the water in the truck…

Go with the (cash) flow

What are your favorite cash flow management tools?

The joy of surveying 📹

This corner was hidden, to say the least. I had found a corner about 500 feet from this one but I felt it was not correct and I set a nail where I felt the corner should be. BUT, I used the found corner over my “feeling” about my opinion of the location.

Boundary law cases

Anyone have some favorites or interesting ones? Been going through the ones in Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location 6th edition I’m sure there’s more good ones out there!

Tree ID for you & me

This is something that kind of annoys me. A corner tree being misidentified and nobody ever corrects it as though they aren’t sure what the tree is or are afraid to correctly identify the tree for some reason.

Traversing with GPS

My company has been tasked with setting control along a 7 mile stretch of road to later on use for a mobile LiDAR scan. We have published control on both ends of the road and one point in the middle to check to as well.

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