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Even though I no longer practice land surveying on a daily basis, I often get asked by others, “What exactly do surveyors do?”

Many of them are college students. I lease my office in a building owned by a local public relations company, who often utilizes students as interns. They exchange experience and mentoring for college credit. Anyway, when those interns find out about my surveying history, it often prompts the question above.

What do you tell them? I simply explain my own experiences and what we had to do to fulfill our goals for those projects. These explanations usually generate further interest because they’ve never understood the profession.

Why is that? Why are we not educating students before they make their career decisions?

Perhaps more of us should be supporting Get Kids Into Survey and helping to get the word out. Surveying is such an amazing profession and I think helping students understand that would certainly help get more of them interested.

Learn more about Get Kids Into Survey here.

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