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Hi there, friend!

You know, I just love it when one of our own develops a new helpful tool and shares it with his surveying brethren without asking anything in return.

Remember when Christof Lambrecht of Belgium provided us with a free utility called RinexDates? Ah, those were the days.

Well now we have Surveyor Connect member John May, who has developed an iPhone app for GNSS static observation logs. From the app description:

GNSS Log app is designed to compile and produce observation logs for Static GNSS (GPS) Observations. The old way of paper Logs, fillable PDFs and scratch pads are no place for consistent, accurate project documentation.

The app is free, contains no advertisements, and collects no personal data. Does any app even respect your privacy anymore? Yes! John May’s fine app is not invasive in any way.

So, check out the GNSS Log App on the Apple App Store.

And then, when you are ready to ask questions or provide constructive criticism, you can post in this thread. Enjoy!

🔥 Forum Highlights

Continuing the dream

Does your state require continuing education or PDUs? If so, how many and how do you meet the requirements?

Geodetic Astronomy revival

The US NGS has developed a new system to perform astronomical observations using a Leica TS60 robotic total station. The system’s acronym is TSACS. Details in the thread.

GNSS observations app

During the pandemic at night and on weekends, I designed and programmed an app for the iPhone and iPad to compile and prepare observation logs. Learn more here!

To the moon, Alice!

GNSS for moon missions? It seems to be distance only, but I don’t understand how they solve the clock problem with all signal paths so close to the same angle.

Roadside treasure 📷

Found me a new, sort of, roadside treasure. Bit rusty but nothing a wire brush can’t handle. This job has all the perks! What roadside treasures have you found?

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