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Buenos días, friend!

It’s Cinco de Mayo — Time for some tacos and beer!

But seriously, Cinco de Mayo is really a celebration mostly among Mexican-Americans in honor of the 1862 Battle of Puebla.

While it is generally not celebrated in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has become an observance of Mexican culture and heritage in the United States.

But what is the significance of Cinco de Mayo?

A Mexican army of 2,000 soldiers defeated 6,000 soldiers with minimal casualties during the Second Franco-Mexican war. The fight continued from sunrise to evening in hopes of defeating Napoleon’s French Foreign Legion.

In the ’80s, alcoholic beverage companies (particularly makers of tequila) started nationwide marketing campaigns to gain nationwide popularity for Cinco de Mayo. In Mexico, the battle commemoration is mostly ceremonial, through battle reenactments and military parades.

And that’s your history lesson for this week. 😉

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I need a vacation

In 1988, a Condominium was recorded. The description calls out the streets that are vacated but makes no mention of the alley in block 3. But it does say “ADJOINING SAID BLOCKS, THAT WOULD ATTACH BY OPERATION OF LAW.”

Regular calibrations

We go to a CBL once a year, in the spring. More recently it has been a requirement in our scope of work, but we had been going annually before that. I know a few surveyors who never go, others that do somewhat regularly.

Who needs a surveyor, anyway?

I have no words.

Digital notes

As much as the coding and description fields in the data collector are great I still find myself carrying a fieldbook to scribble down notes, instrument heights and diagrams etc. Then end up scanning to pdf and throwing the paper away. Wondering if anyone has found a digital way to do this that they like?

Certain uncertainty

In Indiana, a boundary survey must also address the UNCERTAINTY in the availability and CONDITION of reference monuments (865 IAC 1-12-12-a-1).  In the situation of a found, bent rebar, I could estimate a possible error of 0.15′ due to its disturbed condition.

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‘It has to be fixed’ | North Texas homeowners frustrated over border dispute between two counties

As a portion of a North Texas border will be disputed in a nearby district court, the homeowners who live in the area still don’t know what county they live in.

There are more than 180 properties in an approximately six-mile-long path between Kaufman County and Henderson County that are currently in limbo, thanks to a land agreement made more than 100 years ago.

Michigan-Indiana state line commission bills clear House

Bills to solidify Michigan’s border with Indiana are close to final passage in the Legislature.

The Michigan House of Representatives passed SB 627 and 628 this week.

They would fund Michigan’s share of survey costs to mark the state line with something more permanent than the original wood posts.

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