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Happy Friday the 13th to you. 🎃

What scary clients are you working with today? Or perhaps you are working on a frightening survey in the woods. Maybe you are laying out a building on a zero offset property line. Oh my.

Well, whatever it is you are working on today, I hope it’s not too scary.

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What’s scarier than practicing without a license?

I had a call come in from a homeowner wishing to build a fence. He said he had already had the services of a ‘surveyor’ but that there was some discrepancy and that he wanted a second opinion.

Frighteningly cool 📷

There was a WC set for a section corner that falls very close to the north bank of the river. The section corner falls in the river and it was witnessed in four directions. For three of the witness corners the river has moved and taken them out, only the WC on the north side of the river stands a slight chance of still remaining.

Even the beer is scary 📹

I wasn’t sure which forum category to post this in. As is often the case, a few technical flaws. However, it must have been effective as my Party Chief at the time preferred Miller High Life.

Monument was nearly murdered 📷

This original corner, an iron pipe, managed to survive the construction of a concrete retaining wall. Perhaps the constructor realized its importance.

Terrifying new CFedS policy

If you got the [CFedS] email, what do you think?

Also see article below in the “In other news” section.

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📰 In other news

National Policy Memorandum (NPM-TRUS-43)

A recently released National Policy Memorandum (NPM-TRUS-43) issued by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs entitled Modernize the Land Description Review Process for Fee-to-Trust Acquisitions is resulting in a number of questions by current Certified Federal Surveyors (CFedS).

Lack of land surveyors is leading to project delays

Starter homes are at a premium in northeast Indiana. But the effort to build more housing is being partly hampered by a lack of licensed land surveyors needed for the kind of development to take place.

Saildrone Surveyor Earns Ocean Innovation Award for Revolutionizing Ocean Mapping

Accurate ocean topography is essential for navigation, telecommunications, offshore energy, and understanding weather and climate, but less than 20% of the global ocean has been mapped. This lack of exploration is largely due to the high cost of accessing our oceans, which has traditionally been undertaken by large ships that are very expensive to build and operate.

Mapping the Landscape for Drone Surveying

As with so many other market applications that require extensive data collection and precise measurements, drones have radically changed the face of both mapping and surveying. Some conflate the two, but they are different. While both aim to spatially depict the world, surveying remains subject to state licensure; mapping does not.

Michigan-Indiana borderline controversies would be settled under bills headed to Whitmer’s desk

Legislation headed to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk for signature seeks to formally establish the state borderline between Michigan and Indiana, something that has not been done since the early 1800s.

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